Carlsbad Homes for Sale with Granny Flat

Carlsbad Homes for Sale with Granny Flat 

Are you looking for a home with a granny flat?

Backyards or garage sheds turned into living spaces have come a long way here in Carlsbad CA over the years. Many homeowners are now opting to build granny flats or guest houses on their properties for various great reasons.

Not only does it give its dwellers the independence, but it also “grows with you” where you can repurpose the space to meet your needs at any given time.

In fact, granny flats, casitas or guest houses have been a growing trend in the homes for sale in Carlsbad CA in the recent years. Some are built with the original construction, while others are added to the original house later on.

One thing is certain; you are bound to find the perfect one for you and your loved ones here in Carlsbad! 🙂

What’s in a name? Accessory Dwelling Units go by many names – they are either referred to as a "granny flat", a "granny suite", an "in-law suite", a “mother-in-law apartment", an "accessory apartment", a “garden suite", a "guest house", a "companion unit", or a "casita".

Most home owners build their homes with granny flats with their parents in mind, while some build them to have their adult children close by. You can make a home for an older relative before they transition into a Senior Care Facility through the guest house. You can also have your grown up children independently living on their own while still keeping them close to you.

However way you’d like to call it, they all serve their wonderful purpose, and that is (but not limited to) house elderly loved ones or grown-up children.

The uses of a granny flat or a guest house knows no limit, really!

If you’re looking for a Carlsbad CA home for sale, having a granny flat with it will be of great value to you. You can use it to house a gardener, a housekeeper, a nanny, or a caregiver. You can repurpose it to become your home office, art studio, or hobby shop. You can even rent it out to an unrelated person or persons; even list it for AirBNB or VRBO for extra income. * I am not an attorney and I don't play one on T.V. so check with your attorney before you list or rent your property out.* 

You can also add a granny flat to your home.

If you have plenty of space in your home, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to add a granny flat in it. Before you plan this project, let me give you a quick background on what our State law says to guide you through it.

In 1986, the state of California put a “granny flat’ law in place. Under Government Code Section 65852. 2 Second Unit Law, the granny flat statute is in place to provide affordable housing in population-dense areas such as Carlsbad, ease rental housing deficits, increase the property tax base, and be supplemental income to homeowners.

Starting in January, there is a new law, SB 1069, B1069 that takes effect to reduce the enormous fees and restrictions that cities have placed on adding accessory units.

Now can be a great time for you to add a granny flat in your Carlsbad home!

The legislation states that as long as the granny flat meets current zoning guidelines, you can avoid having to get a conditional use permit.

“Homeowners can get out of providing parking for granny units, which cannot exceed 1,200-square-feet, as long as it is within a half mile of public transit, if they are part of an existing primary residence or in an architecturally and historically significant district.
The rehabilitated unit will have long-term affordability covenants and restrictions that require the unit to be available to, and occupied by, persons or families of low- or very low income at affordable housing costs for at least 20 years or the time period required by any applicable federal or state law or regulation.
Local agencies would be blocked from charging connection fees for the granny flats for water and sewer service. Other requirements, such as adding fire sprinklers for small accessory dwelling units even if the primary residence doesn’t need them, are eliminated under the legislation.”

Here are the basic rules on adding accessory units for Carlsbad CA. Second dwelling units shall comply with the following:

  • The second dwelling unit shall either be attached to the main dwelling unit and located within the habitable area of the main dwelling unit or detached from the main dwelling unit and located on the same lot as the main dwelling unit;
  • The second dwelling unit shall have a separate entrance;
  • The second dwelling unit must meet the setback, lot coverage and other development standards applicable to the zone which are not addressed within this subsection. In the coastal zone, any housing development processed pursuant to this chapter shall be consistent with all certified local coastal program provisions, with the exception of density, or as otherwise specified within this subsection;
  • Attached second dwelling units shall conform to the height limits applicable to the zone and detached second dwelling units shall be limited to one story, except that second dwelling units constructed above detached garages shall be permitted and shall conform to the height limits applicable to the zone;
  • Garage conversions are prohibited unless replacement off-street garage parking is provided concurrently and in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 21.44:
  • Second dwelling units shall not be permitted on a lot or parcel having guest or accessory living quarters, or a residential care facility. Existing guest or accessory living quarters may be converted into a second dwelling unit provided that all zoning and structural requirements are met;
  • One additional paved off-street (covered or uncovered) parking space shall be provided for the second dwelling unit and shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 21.44. The additional parking space may be provided through tandem parking (provided that the garage is set back a minimum of twenty feet from the property line) or in the front yard setback;
  • Adequate water and sewer capacity and facilities for the second dwelling unit must be available or made available;
  • All necessary public facilities and services must be available or made available;
  • The second unit may be rented and shall not be sold separately from the main dwelling unit unless the lot on which such units are located is subdivided. The lot upon which the second unit is located shall not be subdivided unless each lot which would be created by the subdivision will comply with the requirements of this title and Title 20; and further provided, that all structures existing on each proposed lot will comply with the development standards applicable to each lot;
  • The total area of floor space for an attached or detached second unit shall not exceed six hundred forty square feet;
  • The second dwelling unit shall be architecturally compatible with the main dwelling unit, in terms of appearance, materials and finished quality;
  • A second dwelling unit which conforms to the requirements of this section shall be allowed to exceed the permitted density for the lot upon which it is located and shall be deemed to be a residential use consistent with the density requirements of the general plan and the zoning designation for the lot;
  • Second dwelling units intended to satisfy an inclusionary requirement shall comply with the requirements of Chapter, 21.85,including but not limited to the applicable rental rates and income limit standards. (Ord. CS-178 § IX, 2012; Ord. CS-166 §§ 1, 2, 2011; Ord. CS-102 § XX, 2010; Ord. NS-718 § 7, 2004)

Carlsbad CA homes with granny flats come in various designs to meet your needs.

Some of the developments here that have granny flats, guest houses or casitas built during original construction are Calaveras Hills in 1986, Bella Lago in Aviara in 1999, The Ranch in 1999, San Pacifico in 2000, La Costa Oaks in 2004, Terraces at Sunny Creek in 2002 & 2003, Rancho Carrillo 2001 & 2002, The Bay Collection in 2006, Stoneridge in 2006, Baleareas of La Costa in 2006 & 7, La Costa Greens in 2007, The Foothills in 2012, The Enclave at Buena Vista in 2015, and Southern Preserve in 1015.

Due to its growing popularity, Carlsbad started to require income certification of renters of the granny flats two years ago. Although there have been fewer accessory units built here since, you’d still find many homes for sale with guest houses sprinkled throughout Carlsbad CA.

Among your options are those added onto the main house, a detached unit in the yard, a basement unit, above the garage and some are thoughtfully converted garage spaces. They are self-contained and usually have their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area. With a granny flat, your elderly family members or grown up children remain conveniently and comfortably near you while every one retains their independence!

Ready to look for a Carlsbad CA home for sale with a granny flat?

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